Beautiful Day

Beautiful Day builds onramps to employment and economic self-sufficiency for refugees through business innovation. By aligning a need for job-training with consumer demand for socially conscious products, we are developing practical, efficient, community-oriented ways to integrate and welcome refugees to our society.

To date we’ve worked with over 80 refugees, representing 14 nationalities and 20 ethnicities, including many with no first-language literacy. We offer training at multiple levels, though our priority is those facing the biggest job-entry barriers. Almost all of our employee-trainer staff were once refugees who understand the journey our trainees are on. Over 80% of our training participants go on to permanent jobs while providing for their families, contributing to our economy, and enriching our community with their determination and resilience.

Beautiful Day is considered one of the premier producers of granola and granola bars  in Rhode Island, with a growing number of customers in 50 out of 54 states. Our products can be purchased online at and a growing number of the retail location in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. 

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