Community Asset Preservation Corporation

Based in Newark, Community Asset Preservation Corporation (CAPC) focuses on stabilizing and revitalizing communities. To do so, CAPC acquires vacant and abandoned properties and partners with local builders and contractors to return properties to productive use as quality, affordable housing.  As a wholly-owned subsidiary of the New Brunswick-based CDFI New Jersey Community Capital, CAPC has the financial capacity, reach, and expertise to make large-scale impacts on neighborhoods affected by foreclosure and abandonment.  Each year, CAPC returns 50-75 housing units to productive use.  Currently, CAPC is also working on a mixed-use project to create space for nonprofit and technology start-ups in Lincoln Park, a neighborhood impacted by significant unemployment.  The project will create space for several businesses, including a recording studio, event space, shared space, and a coffee house, and is expected in generate at least 11 new jobs in its first year.

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