Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group

Formed in 1988, the Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group (PCRG) is a coalition of community leaders working for economic justice, equitable investment practices, and the deployment of sufficient financial resources to revitalize communities throughout Pennsylvania’s Allegheny County.  In 2011, PCRG launched the Community Bankers Collaborative Council, which brings communities and small local banks together to identify issues and work on solutions.  That same year, it also initiated its Reimagining Communities Initiative (RCI) to build capacity within distressed neighborhoods.  As of March 2015, RCI raised over $1 million and leveraged an additional $6 million, inventoried the condition of around 5,500 parcels, rehabbed over 100 properties, and provided more than 400 individuals with financial, foreclosure, or homebuyer counseling.  PCRG’s core work also includes research and analysis to inform the community about trends in local and national lending and financial regulations.

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