Project New Village

Established in 1994 to foster collaborative community efforts to increase social wellness in Southeastern San Diego, Project New Village now focuses on strengthening Southeastern neighborhoods through the development of beautiful, beneficial, and bountiful local food.  Catalyzed in 2008, its People’s Produce Project is a grassroots, community-based initiative that addresses food insecurity, reconnects people to their neighborhoods, and fosters environmental stewardship.  The Project includes a Farmers Market that is the only one in the area that accepts food stamps and offers free health screenings, and Mt. Hope Community Garden, which includes a space the nonprofit uses to grow food that it shares or sells and 40 beds on which community members can grow their own food.  Project New Village is now engaging residents around plans for Good Food District, which aims to rely on urban agriculture, neighborhood-based agricultural cooperatives, arts and culture, and wealth building to promote community revitalization and place making, and help transform the political and economic environment.

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