Workplace Financial Wellness Services

Joanna Ain, Pamela Chan, Meredith Covington, Geraldine Hannon and Santiago Sueiro

Framing the Economy: How to win the case for a better system

NEON, NEF, FrameWorks Institute and PIRC

“A space has opened up to talk and think differently about the economy. The question is what this space will be filled by,” note the authors of this report from the New Economics Foundation, the New Economy Organisers Network, the Public Interest Research Centre, and the Frameworks Institute. Focusing in particular on Britain’s political context, the report highlights sample stories, framing techniques, and engagement strategies that can begin to shift public discourse around the need for a more democratic and just economy and open up the realm of political possibilities.

Inclusive Recovery in US Cities

Erika Poethig, Solomon Greene, Christina Stacy, Tanaya Srini and Brady Meixell

Finances and Health: Clarifi Survey Data

J. Michael Collins and Mia Nafziger
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Lending for Success

Joe Valenti, Sarah Edelman and Julia Gordon
Center for American Progress

Community Land Trusts

Michela Zonta
Center for American Progress

Protecting Communities on the Road to Recovery

Sarah Edelman, Michela Zonta and Shiv Rawal
Center for American Progress

Raising Wages and Rebuilding Wealth

Carmel Martin, Andy Green and Brendan Duke
Center for American Progress

Embracing an Anchor Mission: ProMedica’s All-In Strategy

Randy Oostra

Written by Randy Oostra, CEO of ProMedica (a member of the Healthcare Anchor Network) with the support of The Democracy Collaborative's David Zuckerman and Katie Parker, this report offers an in-depth look at how the Toledo, Ohio based health system aligned its institutional operations and clinical practice to better tackle the social determinants of health. From an innovative hospital-owned grocery store in a food desert to investments in preserving affordable housing, this exploration of ProMedica's decade-long journey to understand how their resources as a healthcare anchor could be used for the wellbeing of the communities they serve is a useful guide for hospitals and health systems embarking on similar shifts.