Community Land Trusts (CLTs)

Southside Community Land Trust

Since 1981, the Southside Community Land Trust has provided land, education, resources, and support for community members to provide healthy food for themselves.  Partnering with the City of Providence, the Rhode Island Foundation, and Brown University Center for Environmental Studies, among many others, the trust has transformed five acres of urban land into productive food growing space, and preserved 50-acres of suburban farmland.  More than 600 families citywide have transformed vacant lots and under used land into more than 30 community gardens.  Through a variety of education programs, the group engages over 1,000 community youth members in hands-on gardening activities each year.

Bread and Roses Housing

Since 1988, Bread and Roses Housing has worked in Lawrence, Missouri to help low-income, first time home buyers acquire affordable housing by reaching out to community members, assisting in the home-buying process, and providing long-term support. Working off of a land-trust model, Bread and Roses rennovates or builds homes and sells them at low-cost to low-income community members.  Read more about Bread and Roses Housing...

First Community Land Trust of Chicago

Founded in 2003, the First Community Land Trust focuses on providing permanently affordable single-family homes for first-time homebuyers in Chicago’s West Humboldt Park neighborhood.  Aiming to empower community residents, FCLTC also provides training and one-on-one mentoring in household financial planning and has programs to foster active community engagement. Read more about First Community Land Trust of Chicago...

San Francisco Community Land Trust

San Francisco Community Land Trust (SFCLT) is a membership-based organization aiming to create permanently affordable housing for low and moderate income citizens in San Francisco.  To do so, SFCLT acquires small apartment buildings, helps the tenants form housing cooperatives through which they share ownership of the building, and maintains ownership of the land to ensure permanent affordability.  As of December 2014, SFCLT had acquired 5 properties, together encompassing 50 units.