Cooperatives (Co-ops)

The Working World

Providing investment capital and technical assistance to worker cooperatives in Argentina, Nicaragua, and the United States, The Working World has invested more than $2 million dollars to create long-lasting, wealth-creating jobs, including helping former Republic Windows in Chicago to create the “New Era Windows” worker cooperative.  The Working World ensures continued cooperative development through reinvesting returns in locally-based revolving loan funds.

Worker Cooperatives Address Low-Wage Work and the Feminization of Poverty

Women stand to benefit the most from greater equity in and control of the workplace
Seattle‘s minimum wage ordinance is one step toward lessening inequality and poverty compounded by low-wage work. But there are still many challenges ahead. Cooperative development is one tool in the community wealth building strategy toolbox that can help lift low-wage workers, and especially women, out of poverty.

Cooperative Movement Should Embrace Discussion of Systemic Issues

Thomas Hanna

Andrew McLeod recently wrote an excellent and thoughtful response to my article (with Gar Alperovitz) on Mondragón and issues of systemic design. In an effort to continue the constructive dialogue around this important topic, I offer this rejoinder.[1]