Keeping Wealth Local: Shared Ownership and Wealth Control For Rural Communities

Marjorie Kelly and Shanna Ratner

Resources do not represent community wealth unless communities own and control them. This handbook looks at various kinds of shared ownership, including cooperatives, employee ownership, community land trusts, municipal ownership, local and tribal ownership, mission-controlled ownership, and community covenants and easements. Each section looks at strengths, weaknesses, the range of applications, expertise required, and sources of assistance.

Regionalism: Growing Together To Expand Opportunity To All

Glenn Johnson, Angel Torres, Samir Gambhir, Mary McGirl, Julie Nielsen, Jason Reece, Rebecca Reno, Denis Rhoden Jr., Christy Rogers, Angela Stanley and Arnold Chandler
Submitted to the Presidents’ Council of Cleveland

Why Some Rural Communities Prosper While Others Do Not

Andrew M. Isserman, Edward Feser and Drake Warren
report prepared for the Office of the Under Secretary for Rural Development, U.S. Department of Agriculture, under Cooperative Agreement AG RBCSRBS-02-12