Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs)

Mission-led employee-owned firms: The Best of the Best

Sarah Stranahan and Marjorie Kelly

Mission-led employee-owned firms embody a powerful model of enterprise design for a new era of environmental sustainability and social equity. 

A Boost for the Worker-Owned Economy

Frank Korten
YES! Magazine

As small-business owners retire, their employees may lose their jobs. New legislation, though, encourages that retiring small-business owners sell to their employees in the form of ESOPs or cooperatives. As Marjorie Kelly, Executive Vice-President and Senior Fellow at the Democracy Collaborative points out, many business owners would prefer to ensure that their employees remain secure. 

One Of America’s Poorest Cities Has A Radical Plan To Remake Itself

Jordan Heller

The Evergreen Cooperative in Cleveland, OH is featured as an example of the benefits of employee ownership. The Democracy Collaborative's Jessica Bonanno Rose, also a strategy advisor for Evergreen Cooperative, discusses what the goals of the Cooperative are. 

The Public Ownership Solution

Thomas M. Hanna

The US has a surprisingly large amount of public ownership. But in order for it to truly serve the social good, it must be expanded — and democratized.

The Woman Aiming to Get 50 Million Americans Into the Worker-Owner Economy

Fran Korten
YES! Magazine

Marjorie Kelly is interviewed about the Fifty by Fifty Network, with the goal of reaching 50 million employee-owners by 2050. The aim of this Network is to expand democracy into the workplace in a way that will transform the economy. 

The Typical Workplace Is a Dictatorship. But It Doesn't Have To Be.

In These Times Editors
In These Times

A discussion on ideas for bringing democracy to the workplace commends the Democracy Collaborative's work in promoting comprehensive economic change. 

To make companies moral, make the employees the owners

Marjorie Kelly
Fast Company

Having stockholders can offer confusing incentives for business owners with a mission–but not if those stockholders are employees who believe in the mission, too.