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IEDC 2019 Economic Future Forum

June 9th, 2019 to June 11th, 2019
Salt Lake City, UT

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IEDC 2019 Annual Conference

October 13th, 2019 to October 16th, 2019
Indianapolis, IN

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Preston Model setting standard for Labour councils across country, says Shadow Chancellor McDonnell

Tony Durkin
Lancashire Post

Preston becomes a model for the country, McDonnell declares, after following the Cleveland Model in attempts to contain local spending within the community. 

Realising Economic Justice in Tanzania - an Interview with Zitto Kabwe - Part I

Martin O'Neill and Joe Guinan

Martin O'Neill and Joe Guinan interview Zitto Kabwe, a political opposition leader in Tanzania who has committed to bringing the corruption of the government to light despite the repression he faces. See Part II of the interview, as well. 

Labour Has A Plan

Peter Gowan

The Labour Party, with Jeremy Corbyn as its leader, seeks to create a more economically equitable system through employee ownership. 

Preston named as most improved city in UK

Richard Partington
The Guardian

Preston is experiencing serious economic benefits after pursuing community wealth building, specifically through the use of anchor institutions. 

How Preston – the UK’s “most improved city” – became a success story for Corbynomics

George Eaton
New Statesman

Preston used the Cleveland and Mondragon models, specifically with respect to their use of anchor institutions, to successfully advance worker-ownership and community wealth building in the city. 

Public bodies in Wales urged to 'think local'

Sarah Dickins
BBC News

Cleveland and Preston continue to serve as models for other communities looking to localize economic spending. 

Corbynism 2.01: the radical ideas shaping Labour's future

George Eaton
New Statesman

With a new push for more radical ideas and economic restructuring, Preston, England council leader Matthew Brown has used the Cleveland and Mondragon models to inform his pursuit of local, equitable economics in Preston. 

Banking for the many

Laurie Macfarlane and Christine Berry
Open Democracy

In a report with the Communications Worker Union and the Democracy Collaborative, authors Laurie Macfarlane and Christine Berry outline a comprehensive overhaul of the UK banking system that would prioritize public interest as well as go beyond expectations to address climate issues.