Reclaiming the Commons

Community Solutions

The Community Solutions program, started in 2003, is a national resource for knowledge and practices on low-energy living and self-reliant communities. Community Solutions' website contains a number of reports on these topics, with a focus on small community-scale housing, transportation, and food production policies and practices.

Berkman Center for Internet & Society (Harvard University)

The Berkman Center engages in the study of a wide range of Net issues, including governance, privacy, intellectual property, antitrust, content control and electronic commerce. The Center understands the Internet as a social and political space where constraints upon inhabitants are determined not only just through the law, but, more subtly, through technical architecture ("code"). The website contains a considerable number of publications on these topics.

Alternative Law Forum

The Alternative Law Forum was started in March 2000 by a collective of lawyers with the belief that there was a need for an alternative practice of law. Their website contains a wide range of publications on issues regarding the digital commons and intellectual property issues.

Reclaiming the Commons

The United States is full of everyday commons management systems such as public libraries, the Internet, blood banks, and parks. Although commercial intrusion into previously public or “common” space is widespread, new efforts to preserve and expand what is held to be in the public domain have emerged in recent years. Three factors, in particular, have spurred this development: Read more about Reclaiming the Commons...

Reclaiming the Commons

 Building Community Wealth by Expanding the Public Domain Read more about Reclaiming the Commons...

Growing Cooler: The Evidence on Urban Development and Climate Change

Reid Ewing, Keith Bartholomew, Steve Winkelman, Jerry Waters, Don Chen, Barbara McCann and David Goldbert

The State of the Commons

Peter Barnes, Jonathan Rowe and David Bollier

Open Access in the United States

Peter Suber and Neil Jacobs, editor
Open Access: Key Strategic, Technical and Economic Aspects

Paying for Public Goods

James Love, Tim Hubbard and Rishab Aiyer Ghosh, editor
Code: Collaborative Ownership and the Digital Economy, pages 207-229

Can the Internet Rescue Democracy? Toward an On-line Commons

Peter Levine and Ronald Hayduk and Kevin Mattson, editors
Democracy’s Moment: Reforming the American: Political System for the 21st Century, pages 121-137